Black Friday: Mego Gorn Action Figure (Variant) Glow in the Dark Numbered

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From 2019 Mego Toys this Gorn Action figure.  This is the variant edition Glow in the Dark.
An intelligent, bipedal reptilian species, Gorn are cold-blooded and tend to be many times stronger than most humanoids, making them a formidible enemy for the Federation. Captain Kirk finds this out the hard way when forced to fight a Gorn captain one on one. This Mego version of the Gorn will have glow in the dark eyes and spines that run down his back that will let you appear as you shut the lights for the night to dream of building that Mego Star Trek collectiion. Gorn is a must-have figure for your Star Trek collection. Figure stands 8'' tall and has 14 points of articulation. Made of PVC. Washable. Official Mego Collector Foil Stamp. Limited edition serial number.
Accessories include a red phaser and communicator.