Island of Misfit Toys: Star Trek: Light-Up Shuttlecraft Miniature and Book by Chip Carter

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Star Trek fans and collectors will love this one-of-a-kind, mini-size collectible light-up shuttlecraft.

This is actually considered to be a book as it was originally sold in bookstores and comes with a booklet on the history of starships but what is really interesting is that it also contains a miniature light up replica of the Galileo shuttlecraft that lights up.  

Makes a great gift for the Star Trek Fan on your list.

The shuttlecraft is a key component of Federation starships and is used to carry crewmembers and cargo. Kit includes:

  • Light-up shuttlecraft
  • Display base
  • 48-page book on the history of Federation starships, complete with full-color photos
  • Out of Print

The display box was creased during shipping but the actual toy and booklet are fine.