Bent and Dented Enterprise: Broken Bow - Lt Malcolm Reed Action Figure - Island of Misfit Toys

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Manufactured by Art Asylum. This fully articulated 7 inch action figure of Lieutenant Malcolm Reed includes: communicator, carrying case, 2 phase pistols, scanner and 2 sets of hands.

The figures and accessories are in pristine condition and unopened but over the years due to being stored improperly the cards and bubbles have been bent and dented.   They display OK but since they are not pristine we are going to blow out the figures in the Island of Misfit Toys Section.

Manufactured in 2002 . Art Asylum Number: 85200 (Coincidentally the Archer Figure also has the same number.)

Island of Misfit Toys:

No refunds or claims of damaged good on this item.  The description is accurate.

You are buying them sight unseen.

These figures run $20-$40 a piece at conventions and collectible stores.