Misfit Toys - 2002 Chipped William Shatner Priceline Bobblehead

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One of our rare original Priceline.com bobbleheads was damaged when we opened the box.   The missing piece is nowhere to be found. As you can see it displays well straight on on but there is a chip on the left side of the bobblehead under the ear (see photo.)

The ceramic "Bobblin' Bill", as Priceline as it was called in their press release was not available for sale. You had to book a vacation 

It  stands 6 1/2 inches tall and is perfect for mantle, desk or dashboard. Priceline.com touted it as the first bobblehead ever commissioned of the world-famous actor and futurist.

The giveaway period was just two weeks: from midnight October 16, 2002 to midnight, October 31, 2002.  Very few of these were ever distributed making them one of the rarest William Shatner Bobbleheads in existence.

Given the damage we are liquidating it as a misfit toy.

Remember there's no returns or exchanges on Misfit Toy purchases.