Andy Griffith Show 4 Funny Episodes DVD

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The DVD has 4 Episodes:

1.Dogs, Dogs, Dogs: Andy feeds a stray dog Barney's lunch. Much to his surprise a pack of ten dogs arrive at Andy's doorstep. Andy and Barney are anticipating the arrival of the State Investigator when the office is full of dogs!

2. Barney's First Car: Barney thinks he struck a deal when he bought a car from a sweet little old lady who only drove it to church on Sunday. Think again! The little old lady isn't so sweet. It turns out she is part of a ring of car thieves.

3. The Darlings Are Coming: Charlene Darling only has eyes for Andy after shortly arriving in Mayberry.

4. The Great Filling Station Robbery: Barney sets a trap to catch a thief after a series of robberies happen at a gas station. The outcome is hilarious! 

The DVD came out circa 2000