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This coffee table book was only available during 2007 at Uppercase publications and gallery event in Canada.

"The gallery's self-proclaimed mastermind, Janine Vangool, came up with the idea of a Shatner show after listening to the actor's CD while driving across Canada. New and established artists from across the continent contributed works. The results include a bust of Shatner made from more than 9,000 Lego pieces, Shatner as Bonhomme, Shatner portraits, Shatner driving the last spike and Shatner as Kirk embraced by a Gorn, a reptilian humanoid space creature. "It's kind of about him as the centre of the universe," said artist Katie Radke. There are 76 works on view, one for each year of Shatner's age."

"The show and book include 80 original renditions of pure, unadulterated Shatnerescence, ranging from beatific and noble Captain Kirks of yore to the contemporary dietary-fibre advocate. There's also an impressive assortment of "Rock-it" Men, Denny Cranes and T.J. Hookers; an anthropomorphic feline "Chat-ner;" Lego-sculpture Shatners and much, much more. While the Calgary contributions understandably outnumber those from other regions, the project is not limited to local content. "I purposefully wanted to have a good grouping of up-and-coming artists and Calgarian artists, as well as a good mix of Canadian and American, as well as male and female. So it was conscious all the way through to get that mix," Vangool says. "About 80 percent of my initial list said 'yes,' and of the people who declined, most of them said they were just too busy. I think just one of them said they didn't like Shatner." The works range in tone from what Vangool diplomatically deems "playful reverence," to genuinely sobering pieces dealing with the darker side of Shatner's life, including two works depicting the death of his third wife, Nerine Kidd, who drowned in his backyard pool in 1999. "They're both really touching and lovely," Dresser notes. "Those were two pieces that were very powerful and surprising that I'm very happy to have in the show."

Each book is shrink wrapped new and is now out of print

The book is 128 pages, hardcover, 8.5” x 10.5” in full color.