One Cent Item: One William Shatner Tek World Trading Card Pack

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From 1993 comes these Tek World Trading Card packs.  We have several boxes of these that were unopened 

Scattered in packs randomly are Tek Chrome cards which are highly sought after or will ll you be the lucky recipient of one of the random Autograph Cards?    The William Shatner Autograph cards retail for several hundred dollars a piece. 

There are two different designs on the packs Jake Cardigan, the hero of Tek World and one of the flying cars being pursued.  If you order two packs we will attempt to send you one of each design otherwise let the choice be up to us as to which card pack cover you get.

There are 100 cards in all to collect apart from the Tek Chrome and Autograph Cards. Each card is numbered where it belongs in the sequence.  Approximately 8 cards per pack.

This is the same exact pack we sell in our store and it's a chance to get an autograph if your pack contains the lucky autograph card which was randomly placed back in 1993.

As this is a Penny item only ONE PENNY ITEM per order, not one of each Penny item just a single item per order.  If you order more than one Penny item in an order we will choose which free item you receive and removed all other free items.

Also, you do not have to purchase anything- you can order just a free item - just pay postage.