Rawcliffe 1991 Klingon Bird of Prey Pewter Sculpture - Shatner Archives

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Rawcliffe Pewter Star Trek III Klingon Bird of Prey

Manufactured in 1991 by Rawcliffe Pewter.

Item number: RF792

From Star Trek III comes this miniature pewter sculpture of a Klingon Bird of Prey. 

This item is from Mr. Shatner's Archives.  There are two of them in the original Rawcliffe boxes (sold separately.)  We have attached the Shatner Archives Label to the boxes.  The boxes have the description written in pen on the bottom and there is the Rawcliffe 792 label.

The small placard that come with the figures says copyright 1992 yet the piece is marked 1991.  We assume that the items were sent to Mr. Shatner from Paramount Product Marketing back in the early 1990's.