Shatner Archives - 1993 Star Trek Movie Scene Viewer

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From the William Shatner Archives comes this carded keychain viewer package with photo of original Star Trek Crew in the uniforms from the Star Trek Movie
The viewer itself features a photo of Captain James T Kirk 
Blister pack on hanging card packaging.
Put the viewer up to a light source, turn the lens to focus and click to advance.  Contains 24 frames from all the TOS movies to date (1993.)
Trademarked, Registered & Copyright 1993 Paramount Pictures
 Licensed  by: "Fascinations" Seattle Washington
Package Design by Anagnost Design
Made in China 
UPC 32309 89003 7
Package States: For ages 4 & up
The item was presumably sent to Mr. Shatner by the Paramount Marketing Team for his approval and his archives.  It has been placed in a mylar bag and affixed with the William Shatner Archives Label to denote its provenance.