Shatner Archives: Mr. Shatner's Wrath of Khan Paperback Novel First Edition- Used by Mr. Shatner

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The Paperback Novel to the Wrath of Khan movie is presumably from Paramount Licensing sent to Mr. Shatner for his archives.  The paperback has a unique round sticker on it with the numbers "#16 404004"

We do not have any idea what that corresponds to but it is affixed to the front cover.

The book is used and well read used by Mr. Shatner to research either into a speech or perhaps for something having to do with a Wrath of Khan commentary.  The back cover has a bent corner.  The book is a first edition with all number 1-10 printed on the Colophon page.

Imagine having a Star Trek book that was used by Mr. Shatner himself in your collection!  

The book will come with a Certificate of Authenticity from William attesting to it being personally used by Mr. Shatner.