Shatner Archives - Star Trek Crew Members Exploration Kit

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From 1996 Simon and Schuster comes this Original Series Crew Members Exploration Kit.  The kit bears teh 30th Anniversary logo of Star Trek and contains the following:

  • Star Map for course charting
  • 3-D glasses
  • Captain's log book for recording trip events and other data
  • Glow-in-the-dark and full-color stickers of ships to place on map
  • Fact File of terms and illustrations--Learn all about transporters, warp speed, starfleet crew members, alien races, the Klingon language, equipment and weapons like phasers, tricorders, hydrospray and more!
  • Take the quiz to test your Trek trivia knowledge!
  • Punch-Out 3D 1:1 Scale Life Size Model Starfleet Communicator that flips open!
  • Secret compartment for storing small pack items
  • I.D. pass card.

The item was probably from Paramount Marketing and sent to Mr. Shatner.

The Shater Archives label is affixed to the back of the box.

The kit is first edition as evidenced by the sequence of numbers 10 through 1 on the back.