Spencer Gifts Exclusive Captain Jean-Luc Picard 9" Action Figure - Low Number

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From 1997 and a Spencers Gift Exclusive comes this Captain Jean-Luc Picard action figure by Playmate Toys.

The figure is accessorized with the following Galactic Gear: Starfleet Type II Phaser, Starfleet Desktop Monitor, Starfleet Tricorder and a Starfleet Action Base.

The Figure is part of Assortment No. 65263 and is Stock No.  65264.

The figure is a desirable low number 838 and the box lists it as a Spencer Gifts Exclusive Limited to 15,000.

There is some rubbing on the front of the box on the left side about halfway down.  We have adjusted the price accordingly.

This is your chance to own a rare, low numbered Captain Picard Action Figure.