Vintage 1998 Star Trek Watch - As Seen on TV

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From 1998 comes this Vintage Star Trek Watch As Seen On TV!  These watches were sold via infomercial on US Television in the late 1990's.  

The watch is still sealed in its box.  The box contains a display platform with Certificate of Authenticity, a metal case to display your watch and the watch itself.

The watch is a battery operated quartz movement. The face of the watch shows a yellow Star Trek Delta wave symbol with the Command Insignia.  The face is the top part of the Enterprise Saucer with the Registration number NCC 1701.  There is a small Enterprise ship that orbits around the watch face counting the seconds. There is a button on the side of the watch that when pressed plays the Star Trek TOS theme.

They are being sold AS IS, we do not guarantee they will work. They are being sold as a collectible.