William Shatner's Spplat Attack DVD

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Spplat Attack is simply unreal, a weird and delightful display of film crossing over somehow into the real world. Armed with paint, Shatner doesn’t sit in some “celebrity tent” surrounded by agents and studio producers. Instead, even though the man is in his 70’s, he literally TAKES command, and races out onto the field to lead troops into battle. He’s on the front lines, blasting away at the enemy, wiping out more experienced players with the bat of a hand! There were no special privileges for the Supreme Shatner. Far from it! Instead, just like his alter ego Captain Kirk, Shatner charges in where others fear to tred, even when his men try to hold him back! Yet, like Kirk, even against impossible odds, somehow he succeeds. Every player on the field is gunning for Shatner, yet his crosses and double crosses keep the enemy guessing. With flawless and informed battle tactics he triumphs over infinitely more experienced and skilled forces with his hearty group of red uniformed paintball soldiers.

The DVD is Region Free which means it can be played in any country of the world with no restrictions.

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